Reah Rodriguez (a.k.a. Eya) is the main protagonist of Diary ng Panget. She is a 19 year old college student in Willford Academy. She is known to be a class clown and an ugly girl.


Early LifeEdit

While Eya is 13, her parents died in a car crash. After her parent's death, her auntie adopted her until now.

Book 1Edit

Eya was working in a carinderia until he met a handsome boy named Chad Jimenez.  After Eya's part time job, she noticed a note that the apartment she lived will be demolished soon. She started packing her things and moved to her Auntie's house. The next day, Eya was looking for a job until she found a new one which is a maid job. Eya's job was a maid. She will be taking care of Cross Sandford, the heartrob of the school. A few days later after the embarassing moments with Cross, Chad was inviting Eya for the upcoming birthday of Lori Keet.  With Eya's help, Chad was planning a surprise for Lori. During Lori's birthday, Eya failed to locate Lori and Chad was proposing at Cross instead of Lori.

Book 2Edit

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Personality and AppearanceEdit

Eya describes herself as Panget ("ugly" in English) because she has dozen pimples in her face, and she has a kakambal ng walis tambo (broom-like) hair. But Ian and Lory stated that if only she has a little time for herself in grooming, she will be beautiful. She always shows an angry emotion towards Cross but eventaully that feelings and emotions will change as you go deeper through the story, As for Chad, she shows that she quite has an affection for him because of spacing-out whenever he is around.

Trivia Edit

  • Kathryn Bernardo was supposed to portray Eya in the upcoming movie but the offer was disapproved by Star Cinemas.